The Basics

Every event needs an outline.  Developing an outline gives structure and creates a flow for your event. 

What is happening at your event ?
Is this a BBQ or birthday celebration? 
Is this a wedding reception or a corporate function?  
What announcements need to be made? 
What type of music do you want played? 
Are you having a cocktail hour at the beginning of your event? 
Is your event occuring during the day or at night, indoors or outside?
Do you have a "bad weather" plan?
Are you serving snacks or a sit down meal? 

Think about the's those little things that make your event unique and memorable.


Things to think about prior to your wedding ceremony:

1)  Will you be using a wedding director to help you organize your event?
2)  Who will be your photographer?
3)  Who will be your florist?
4)  How will you decorate your ceremony - what will be your color scheme?
4)  Are you having an indoor or outdoor ceremony?
     ***If you are having an outdoor ceremony...
          b)  Do you have access to an adequate power source (music, lighting, etc.)?
          c)  Have you rented chairs, tables, tents, chair/table coverings, etc.?
5)  Will your event be during the day or at night?
6)  What time is your event?  
7)  Do you need the use of a microphone?
8)  What type of music will be played at your ceremony? 
          a)  An individual singing
          b)  A musician such as a guitarist, violinist, harpist, piano player, etc.
          c)  A DJ playing songs that you have chosen for your ceremony
9)  How many people will be attending your event?
10)  During your ceremony will you be lighting a unity candle or pouring unity sand?    

Wedding Receptions

Once you choose Bobby White Mobile DJ and Lighting Service for your reception, we will send you a "Wedding Reception Outline/Planning Form" which will help you to create an outline for your event.  You can be as creative as you want in planning your event.  You may want to stick with traditional activities at your reception or create your own flow.  You should also begin to think about your "Do Play" and "No Play" music lists for your event.  This will help your DJ establish a playlist for your event based on your likes, needs and wants.  Contact us today for all your wedding reception needs!